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General Information

(i) City DHONE
(ii) Full Postal Address MARKET YARD, GOOTY ROAD, DHONE 518222
(iii) Email
(iv) Telephone No. with STD Code 08516-222016
(v) Year of establishment 1976
(vi) Population Served 0
(vii) Geographical area served by Market (No. of   Villages etc.) 173 


(i) Regulated/Unregulated Unregulated
(ii) Year of Regulation 0
(iii) Name of the Market Legislation
(iv) Whether Elected/Nominated/Superseded APMC Nominated
(v) Name of Chairman/Administrator P.VENKATESWARA REDDY
Address of Chairman/Administrator GOSANAPALLI (V), DHONE MANDAL
Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator 9441031807
(vi) Name of Secretary Y.MALLIKARJUNA REDDY
Telephone No. of Secretary 9440129164
(vii) Name of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information
Address of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information
Telephone No. of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information
(viii) If Unregulated, Name of Owner and ManagementAGRICULTURE MARKETTE COMMITTEE DHONE
(ix) Details of Staff: Supervisory Administrative
a) Permanent 5   5 
b) Temporary 4   0 
(x) Market holidaysSunday and public holidays 
(xi) Market hours10 

Rail/Road Connectivity

(i) Name of the nearest railway station DHONE
(ii) Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms) 0
(iii) Name of the Nearest National /State Highway NH 7

Market Area

(i) Notified area of Market Committee ENTIRE AREA
(ii) Subyard (If any) and It's exact location PEAPULLY, GOOTY ROAD
(iii) Farthest place in the Hinterland
(iv) Nearest place in the Hinterland
(v) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area
(vi) Number of Cold Storages available 0
(vii) Capacity of Cold Storages available
(viii) Number of Commodities notified under regulation 0
(viiii) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season  
(x) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period  
(xi) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent  

Arrivals / Dispatches


Name of 10 commodities important in terms of  arrivals:  Name of Commodity Annual Production
  1.Tomato  914 
  2.Paddy  738 
  4.GROUNDNUT  540 
  5.Sheep & Goats 
  6.Sunflower  112 
  8.Redgram  246 
  9.Cotton  70 

(ii) Marketing season commodity wise for 10 important commodities: Name of Commodity Season(From-To) Peak Season(From-To)
1.Tomato Jul to Sep  August 
2.Paddy Nov to Jan  December 
5.Sheep & Goats Jan to May  March & April 
6.Sunflower Sep. to Dec.  Oct. & Nov 
8.Redgram Jan to Mar  February 
9.Cotton Sep to Dec  Oct & Nov 
10.Cattles Jan to May March & April 

(iii)Average daily arrivals in Metric Tonnes throughout season of all commodities: Name Of Commodity Average Daily Arrivals
 5.Sheep & Goats500 

(iv)Maximum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Maximum Daily Arrivals In The Market
 5.Sheep & Goats300 

(v)Minimum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Minimum Daily Arrivals In The Market
 5.Sheep & Goats 600 
 10.Cattles 400 

(vi)Unit of price quotation: Name of Commodity Unit Of Price Quotation
 5.Sheep & GoatsNo.s 

(vii)Standard filling of pack size: Name of Commodity Standard Filling Of Pack Size
 5.Sheep & Goats 

Name of Commodity Total Annual Arrivals
 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 
Tomato 925 989 914 
Paddy 446 235 85 
GROUNDNUT 527 386 705 
Sheep & Goats 11210 12200 8280 
Sunflower 136 165 71 
Redgram 120 94 47 
Cotton 79 78 70 
Cattles 10023 15086 15938 

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