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General Information

(i) City Chakulia
(ii) Full Postal Address A.P.M.C. Chakulia, At. Dighi, PO. Chakulia, Dist. East Singhbhum.
(iii) Email
(iv) Telephone No. with STD Code 06594233659
(v) Year of establishment 1970
(vi) Population Served 597620
(vii) Geographical area served by Market (No. of   Villages etc.) 972 


(i) Regulated/Unregulated Regulated
(ii) Year of Regulation 0
(iii) Name of the Market Legislation A.P.M.C Chakulia
(iv) Whether Elected/Nominated/Superseded APMC Elected
(v) Name of Chairman/Administrator Shri Sushant Gourab
Address of Chairman/Administrator SDO, Ghatshila
Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator 06585225533(O)
(vi) Name of Secretary Paramanand Bobonga
Address of Secretary A.P.M.C Chakulia At. Dighi, PO. Chakulia, Dist. East Singhbhum
Telephone No. of Secretary 09798529907
(vii) Name of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information Paramanand Bobonga
Address of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information A.P.M.C Chakulia At. Dighi, PO. Chakulia, Dist. East Singhbhum
Telephone No. of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information 09798529907
(viii) If Unregulated, Name of Owner and ManagementA.P.M.C Chakulia
(ix) Details of Staff: Supervisory Administrative
a) Permanent 1   2 
b) Temporary 0   2 
(x) Market holidaysSunday 
(xi) Market hours 

Rail/Road Connectivity

(i) Name of the nearest railway station Chakulia
(ii) Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms) 2
(iii) Name of the Nearest National /State Highway N.H - 33

Market Area

(i) Notified area of Market Committee Ghatsila Sub-Division
(ii) Subyard (If any) and It's exact location Kokpara-Narsinghgarh ,Kokpara Bazar, kesharda ,Manusmuria,Surda,Baharagora, Jaypura Hat, Bahima,Kumardubi ,Galudih, Bankisole,Ghatsila Mauja, Ichraja igora, Musaboni,Rakhamaines,Narsingbahal Hat, Dumria,Bhagabandi ,Aswa Kanchali,
(iii) Farthest place in the Hinterland Dumria Block
(iv) Nearest place in the Hinterland Chakulia Block
(v) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area Rice Mill-27 Flour Mill-10
(vi) Number of Cold Storages available 0
(vii) Capacity of Cold Storages available 0
(viii) Number of Commodities notified under regulation 194
(viiii) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season  
(x) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period  
(xi) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent  

Arrivals / Dispatches


Name of 10 commodities important in terms of  arrivals:  Name of Commodity Annual Production
  1.Masur Dal  10 
  2.Mustard oil 
  3.Atta, Suji, Maida  120 
  4.Gram Dal  24 
  5.Rice  21100 
  6.Wheat  110 
  7.Paddy  34300 
  9.Potato  1150 
  10.Onion  350 

(ii) Marketing season commodity wise for 10 important commodities: Name of Commodity Season(From-To) Peak Season(From-To)
1.Masur Dal Apr - May  Jan - Mar 
2.Mustard oil Sept - Dec  Jan - Mar 
3.Atta, Suji, Maida Sept - Dec  Mar - June 
4.Gram Dal Apr - May  Apr - May 
5.Rice Apr - July  Sept - Dec 
6.Wheat Sept - Dec  Mar - June 
7.Paddy Dec - Mar  Dec - Feb 
8.Sugar June - Sept  Jan - Mar 
9.Potato June - Sept  Jan - Mar 
10.Onion June - Sept Jan - Mar 

(iii)Average daily arrivals in Metric Tonnes throughout season of all commodities: Name Of Commodity Average Daily Arrivals
 1.Masur Dal3.5 
 2.Mustard oil03 
 3.Atta, Suji, Maida35 
 4.Gram Dal

(iv)Maximum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Maximum Daily Arrivals In The Market
 1.Masur Dal
 2.Mustard oil
 3.Atta, Suji, Maida40 
 4.Gram Dal

(v)Minimum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Minimum Daily Arrivals In The Market
 1.Masur Dal
 2.Mustard oil
 3.Atta, Suji, Maida 30 
 4.Gram Dal
 5.Rice 66 
 6.Wheat 15 
 7.Paddy 130 
 9.Potato 45 
 10.Onion 15 

(vi)Unit of price quotation: Name of Commodity Unit Of Price Quotation
 1.Masur DalQuintal 
 2.Mustard oilQuintal 
 3.Atta, Suji, MaidaQuintal  
 4.Gram DalQuintal 

(vii)Standard filling of pack size: Name of Commodity Standard Filling Of Pack Size
 1.Masur Dal50 Kg 
 2.Mustard oil15 Kg 
 3.Atta, Suji, Maida5Kg 10Kg 50 Kg 
 4.Gram Dal50 Kg 
 5.Rice50 Kg 25 Kg 
 6.Wheat50 Kg 
 7.Paddy50 Kg 
 8.Sugar100 Kg 
 9.Potato50 Kg 
 10.Onion50 Kg 

Name of Commodity Total Annual Arrivals
 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 
Masur Dal 1293 1308 
Mustard oil 1088 1103 
Atta, Suji, Maida 12740 11935 
Gram Dal 1472 1504 
Rice 28439 26772 
Wheat 7818 8047 
Paddy 55365 53050 
Sugar 2020 2040 
Potato 19221 19360 
Onion 6951 7075 

Market Functionaries
(i) No. of Licensed Wholesale and Other Functionaries of all categories including Cooperatives: Name Number License Fee Number Of Years
  Total Licensies are  136  50.00 

(ii) Time at which sale begins in the market  
(iii) Peak trading hours  
(iv) Time at which sale ends in the market  
(v) Whether produce is cleaned/graded before sale No 
(vi) Accepted grade in the market  
(vii) Farmer level grading in practice No 
(viii) Are there quality disputes? No  
(ix) How are quality disputes settled?  

Transactional Methods

(i) System of sale(if different for commodities please clarify) Mutual 
(ii) System of weighment  
(iii) System of payment Cash & Credit 
(iv) Degree of transparency on method of Sale,Weighment and Payment  
(v) Transactional Disputes and Redressal Mechanism  


(i) Modes of transport generally adopted for the market Tempo, Pick-up van, Truck 
(ii) Modes of transport for despatches to various stations Tempo, Pick-up van, Truck 
(iii) Modal Mix% Mode Wise  


(i) Storage facilities available in the market with trade as well as APMCNo  
(ii) Availability of Ripening Chambers if available Number Capacity

Facilities and Services

(i) Information Notice Board/Electric Display Board Yes  
(ii) Public Address System  
(iii) Are the prices displayed on the Notice Board Yes  
(iv) Are the producers able to read the information displayed on The Notice Board Yes  
(v) Availability Of:
- Canteen Yes  
- Restaurant No  
- Toilets Yes  
- Internal Roads Yes  
- Parking Yes  
- Fencing Yes  
- Post Office No  
- Bank No  
- Input/Sundry Shops Yes  
- Fire Extinguishers No  
- Rest house for farmers No  
- Drinking Water Yes  
- Electricity Yes  
- Auction Platform Yes  
- Grading and Analysing Laboratory Yes  
- Mechanical Graders No  
- Sieves No  
- Garbage Disposal System No  
- Sweeping Facilities No  
- Information Unit No  
- Extension Unit No  
- Audio Visual side No  
- Market office building Yes  
(vi) Name of Welfare scheme for producers:  

Market Charges

- Commission No 
- Market Fee Nil 
- Weighment  
- Brokerage  
- Charity  
- Trade Allowance  
- Octroi  
- Sales Tax  
- Other Taxes/Levies  
- Other Charges  

Financial Position

Annual Income 3181517 
Annual Expenditure 3917925 
Surplus/Deficit -736408 
Total Reserves with APMC on 31st March 20243524 
Total Liabilities(loan etc.)with APMC on 31st March 1200000