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General Information

(i) City Daryapur
(ii) Full Postal Address Akot Road Bonasa,Daryapur Dist:- Amravati
(iii) Email
(iv) Telephone No. with STD Code 07224/234219
(v) Year of establishment 1971
(vi) Population Served 0
(vii) Geographical area served by Market (No. of   Villages etc.) 149 


(i) Regulated/Unregulated Regulated
(ii) Year of Regulation 1971
(iii) Name of the Market Legislation A.P.M.C Daryapur
(iv) Whether Elected/Nominated/Superseded APMC Elected
(v) Name of Chairman/Administrator B.K.Barvat
Address of Chairman/Administrator :- kalashi Taa:- Daryapur Dist:-Amravati
Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator 07224/ 234187
(vi) Name of Secretary S.M.GANEKAR
Address of Secretary A.P.M.C Daryapur
Telephone No. of Secretary 9921137155
(vii) Name of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information S.M.GANEKAR
Address of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information A.P.M.C Daryapur
Telephone No. of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information 234219/234419
(viii) If Unregulated, Name of Owner and ManagementS.M.GANEKAR
(ix) Details of Staff: Supervisory Administrative
a) Permanent 6   19 
b) Temporary 50   0 
(x) Market holidaysSunday 
(xi) Market hours11.00 to 6.00 P.M. 

Rail/Road Connectivity

(i) Name of the nearest railway station Daryapur, Banosa
(ii) Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms) 1
(iii) Name of the Nearest National /State Highway 6 Highway

Market Area

(i) Notified area of Market Committee 15
(ii) Subyard (If any) and It's exact location Yeoda & Khallar
(iii) Farthest place in the Hinterland 0
(iv) Nearest place in the Hinterland 0
(v) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area 0
(vi) Number of Cold Storages available 0
(vii) Capacity of Cold Storages available 0
(viii) Number of Commodities notified under regulation 0
(viiii) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season All commodities 
(x) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period yes 
(xi) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent Mumbai,A.P.U.P.Delhi all state 

Arrivals / Dispatches


Name of 10 commodities important in terms of  arrivals:  Name of Commodity Annual Production
  1.sonflower  45 
  2.Tur  88874 
  3.Mung  21697 
  4.Til  53 
  5.Wheat  174 
  6.Udid  8182 
  7.Soybin  51328 
  8.Chana  13820 
  9.Kardi  103 
  10.jawar  1772 

(ii) Marketing season commodity wise for 10 important commodities: Name of Commodity Season(From-To) Peak Season(From-To)
1.sonflower 15-16  15-16 
2.Tur 15-16  15-16 
3.Mung 15-16  15-16 
4.Til 15-16  15-16 
5.Wheat 15-16  15-16 
6.Udid 15-16  15-16 
7.Soybin 15-16  15-16 
8.Chana 15-16  15-16 
9.Kardi 15-16  15-16 
10.jawar 15-16 15-16 

(iii)Average daily arrivals in Metric Tonnes throughout season of all commodities: Name Of Commodity Average Daily Arrivals

(iv)Maximum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Maximum Daily Arrivals In The Market

(v)Minimum daily arrivals in the market: Name of Commodity Minimum Daily Arrivals In The Market
 2.Tur 243 
 3.Mung 59 
 5.Wheat 17 
 6.Udid 22 
 7.Soybin 140 
 8.Chana 378 

(vi)Unit of price quotation: Name of Commodity Unit Of Price Quotation

(vii)Standard filling of pack size: Name of Commodity Standard Filling Of Pack Size

Name of Commodity Total Annual Arrivals
 13-14 14-15 15-16 
sonflower 123 704 45 
Tur 103770 111282 88874 
Mung 28365 7221 21697 
Til 40 53 
Wheat 124 103 174 
Udid 5693 6233 8182 
Soybin 115067 62731 51328 
Chana 170647 166371 138204 
Kardi 301 156 103 
jawar 1626 480 1772 

Market Functionaries
(i) No. of Licensed Wholesale and Other Functionaries of all categories including Cooperatives: Name Number License Fee Number Of Years
  Purchaser  103  200 
  Commission  114  200 
  Hamal  488  10 
  Mapari  81  20 
  Wearhouse  15 
  Procssor  200 
  Helper  20 

(ii) Time at which sale begins in the market 11.00 to 6.00 
(iii) Peak trading hours 11.00 to 2.00 
(iv) Time at which sale ends in the market 6 P.M. 
(v) Whether produce is cleaned/graded before sale Yes 
(vi) Accepted grade in the market Nill 
(vii) Farmer level grading in practice No 
(viii) Are there quality disputes? No  
(ix) How are quality disputes settled? No. 

Transactional Methods

(i) System of sale(if different for commodities please clarify) Openauction for all Commodities 
(ii) System of weighment 00 
(iii) System of payment 00 
(iv) Degree of transparency on method of Sale,Weighment and Payment 00 
(v) Transactional Disputes and Redressal Mechanism 00 


(i) Modes of transport generally adopted for the market 00 
(ii) Modes of transport for despatches to various stations 00 
(iii) Modal Mix% Mode Wise 00 


(i) Storage facilities available in the market with trade as well as APMCYes  
(ii) Availability of Ripening Chambers if available Number Capacity
15 6265 

Facilities and Services

(i) Information Notice Board/Electric Display Board Yes  
(ii) Public Address System Loudspeaker 
(iii) Are the prices displayed on the Notice Board Yes  
(iv) Are the producers able to read the information displayed on The Notice Board Yes  
(v) Availability Of:
- Canteen Yes  
- Restaurant Yes  
- Toilets Yes  
- Internal Roads Yes  
- Parking Yes  
- Fencing Yes  
- Post Office Yes  
- Bank Yes  
- Input/Sundry Shops Yes  
- Fire Extinguishers Yes  
- Rest house for farmers Yes  
- Drinking Water Yes  
- Electricity Yes  
- Auction Platform Yes  
- Grading and Analysing Laboratory Yes  
- Mechanical Graders Yes  
- Sieves Yes  
- Garbage Disposal System Yes  
- Sweeping Facilities No  
- Information Unit No  
- Extension Unit No  
- Audio Visual side No  
- Market office building Yes  
(vi) Name of Welfare scheme for producers: 00 

Market Charges

- Commission 1.75 
- Market Fee 0.95 
- Weighment 1.50 
- Brokerage 00 
- Charity 00 
- Trade Allowance 00 
- Octroi 00 
- Sales Tax 00 
- Other Taxes/Levies 00 
- Other Charges 00 

Financial Position

Annual Income 18173266 
Annual Expenditure 12749403 
Surplus/Deficit 5423863 
Total Reserves with APMC on 31st March 95318724 
Total Liabilities(loan etc.)with APMC on 31st March 18426081