Information may not be available for certain fields

General Information

(i) City
(ii) Full Postal Address Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Market Yard, Valod, Distt. Surat
(iii) Email
(iv) Telephone No. with STD Code 02625 244247
(v) Year of establishment 2004
(vi) Population Served 0
(vii) Geographical area served by Market (No. of   Villages etc.) 40 


(i) Regulated/Unregulated Regulated
(ii) Year of Regulation 1976
(iii) Name of the Market Legislation
(iv) Whether Elected/Nominated/Superseded APMC
(v) Name of Chairman/Administrator Patel Sanubhai Raghubhai
Address of Chairman/Administrator At.delwada ta.valod dist.tapi
Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator 9825416465
(vi) Name of Secretary Prasann N. Dasondi
Address of Secretary surat,poonam nagar sosayti,142 bhatar rod,
Telephone No. of Secretary 9825905961
(vii) Name of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information Vijaybhai T. Patel
Address of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information At.virpor ta.valod dist.tapi
Telephone No. of Officer-in-Charge of Market Information 222028
(viii) If Unregulated, Name of Owner and Management
(ix) Details of Staff: Supervisory Administrative
a) Permanent 3   0 
b) Temporary 4   0 
(x) Market holidayssunday 
(xi) Market hours9-00 am To 5-00pm 

Rail/Road Connectivity

(i) Name of the nearest railway station v
(ii) Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms) 0
(iii) Name of the Nearest National /State Highway

Market Area

(i) Notified area of Market Committee
(ii) Subyard (If any) and It's exact location
(iii) Farthest place in the Hinterland
(iv) Nearest place in the Hinterland
(v) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area
(vi) Number of Cold Storages available 0
(vii) Capacity of Cold Storages available
(viii) Number of Commodities notified under regulation 0
(viiii) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season  
(x) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period  
(xi) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent  

No information available for Arrivals and Despatches

Market Functionaries
(i) No. of Licensed Wholesale and Other Functionaries of all categories including Cooperatives: Name Number License Fee Number Of Years

No information available for Market Functionaries,Transactional Methods and Transportation

No information available for Storage,Availability of Facilities and Services,Market Charges and Financial Position