Post Harvest Profile of Red Gram




“Red gram” is an important pulse crop in India. It contributes about 20 percent to the total production of pulses in the country. India is the largest producer of Red gram in the world and contributes about 81 percent of the total world production. Being rich in protein and relatively cheaper, a large section of vegetarian population of the country consumes it as Dal in cooked form. Every Red gram plant is in itself a mini fertilizer factory as this crop enhances the soil fertility through fixing atmospheric nitrogen.


The profile on Red gram has been prepared on the recommendation of the Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Agricultural Marketing Reforms (May-2002). The profile is aimed at to facilitate producers to know when, where and how to market the produce to get better returns. The profile covers almost all aspects of the marketing of Red gram i.e. post-harvest management, market practices, marketing problems, marketing channels, marketing costs and margins, institutional facilities providing credit, marketing services, marketing information and extension, various Government marketing schemes, etc.


This Profile has been prepared by Shri MANOJ KUMAR, Marketing Officer under the supervision of Shri B.D. SHERKAR, Dy. Agricultural Marketing Adviser and Shri H.P. SINGH, Joint Agricultural Marketing Adviser, B.H.O., Nagpur and under overall guidance of Dr. G.R. BHATIA, Additional Agricultural Marketing Adviser.


The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, gratefully acknowledges the assistance and co-operation extended by Government/Semi-Government/Private organisations in supplying the relevant data/information required for compilation of the Profile.


The Government of India should not be regarded as assuming responsibility for any of the statements contained in this Profile.




Dated :14-10-2004                                                                                                                                        

Agricultural Marketing Adviser
to the Government of India


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