Manpower Training in Agricultural Marketing

For most of the state personnel, marketing has been a new subject. Its exclusion from normal teaching programmes of established universities & vocational training institutions made Directorate of Marketing and Inspection to launch suitable courses for field workers as well as administrators shouldering agricultural marketing responsibilities at different levels. Owing to realisation of an obvious need for training the staff, originating from different academic disciplines, to work in support and regulatory services operated by private, public & cooperative bodies engaged in marketing operations throughout the country, the DMI introduced various training courses to provide trained manpower in agricultural marketing in the country. The various courses with their location, duration, capacity are tabled below:

Sr No.

Training Course
1. Diploma course in Agricultural Marketing
2. Market Secretaries Training course -revised
3. Grading Supervisors Course -revised
4. Training Module For Grading Service At State Level
5. Inservice Orientation Training Programme For Newly Recruited Officers of D.M.I
6. Market Intelligence & News Service
7. Course in Marketing Extension Service
8. Graders Training Course

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